As Easy as a Sandwich.

The full story can be read on the Babble website.  Follow the link below.  The recipe is here.


1 Cup cooked sushi rice, slightly warm but not hot.  I cook my sushi rice with 1 cup rice and two cups water.  I add the rice after the water has boiled along with a splach of mirin, and white rice vinegar.  Lower the heat and simmer for about 12 minutes.

sliced avocado

thin spears of steamed asparagus

thinly sliced carrots

thinly sliced scallions, lengthwise.  For the grown-up rolls.

umeboshi (pickled plum paste), available at Whole Foods, most natural food stores and at Japanese specialty stores.  It is salty and kids seem to love it.

toasted nori seawead, also available at the above mentioned places

A rolling mat is nice but not essential.

Wet your fingers so the rice does not stick to them.  Spread the rice about 1/4 inch thick over the center third of the seaweed.  Lengthwise, spread a thin bit of the umeboshi, and place one row each of your chosen ingredients.  Using the mat or your fingers, roll the seaweed lengthwise.  I like to use a slce of lemon to wet the edge of the seaweed so it sticks together.

Slice into bite size pieces with a sharp knife.  Serve with tamari and wasabi for the adults.  Not necessary for the little ones.  I fill a small airtight container with them for Aidan's lunch and he is a happy guy.